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Hair Vitamin

Inspired by Korean's formulation, Hellobabes Hair Vitamin is a hair supplements revolution made in Malaysia. Product is clinically tested safe to consume and has been certified by Malaysian Ministry of Health ( MOH) with no toxic & dangerous ingredients. This hair vitamin provides better & healthy hair growth besides enhancing hair scalps to be redefine & moist. With the taste of candy berries, Hellobabes Hair Vitamin consists of 14 sachets, make it an ideal hair solution & treatment because it’s consumable anytime & anywhere.

  • Hellobabes Store - @uqashasenrose2


    "Helps in reviving your hair, treat psoriasis scalp and itchy scalp magically! Road to healthy hair and scalp, YAY !"

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  • Hellobabes Store - @mia.daud


    For those who are having scalp and hair problem likes hair loss, dry hair, or even balding, you should go for this hair vitamin! It tastes really good!

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  • Hellobabes Store - @sweetqismina


    Hey sweetheart!! I would like to share with you a little secret, this is a hair vitamin and it is really good and effective when it comes to treating hair fall, scalp infections, dry hair, and dandruff. It tastes like candy berries and is very convenient to consume anytime, anywhere! Don’t miss out on these affordable and tasty hair vitamins!

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  • Hellobabes Store - @djalexisgrace


    Hair fall? Scalp problems or Frizzy hair? Worry no more! Your hair savior is here! Tastes like candy with cherry toppings 😋 Easy to carry around and consume anytime anywhere!! It’s safe for new moms after delivery too! Wait no more and go for this hair vitamin!

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  • Hellobabes Store - @lala.wansharmila


    So far it appears that my hair isn’t thinning so much and my nails seem stronger and no longer breaking easily as they were. I'm really satisfied and it tastes delicious too! I'm in love with this hair vitamin! ❤️ Love is in the HAIR 🤩 💈

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  • Hellobabes Store - @faezahelai


    I have been taking it for a few months and my hair has grown almost two inches. I think it varies between people. Taking this every day and sticking with it really makes a difference!

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