"Healthy Hair Start With Healthy Scalp"

"Healthy Hair Start With Healthy Scalp"

"Gorgeous Hair is The Best Revenge"

Do & Don't ?

Achieve gorgeous and fabulous hair !


Always trim / cut your hair on time

Trim your hair every 4 - 6 weeks to get rid of split ends and dry edging. This is split ends and dry edging are formed when the hair is damaged due to heat styling by iron curler, hair straightener, environmental pollution, smoking, stress and etc. One should know that trimming ensures healthy hair.

Wash your hair regularly

Ensuring that you wash your hair regularly make your scalp and hair free of dirt and excess oil. However, one should know the right frequency depends on your hair type and scalp conditions.

Use chemical free shampoo

Male and female, it is common essential to know that the lesser the number of chemicals in your shampoo, the healthier your hair is, logically, sulfates and parabens in shampoos, are used for lathering and preserving but they also can cause skin irritation and increases the risk of hormonal disruptions.

Dry your hair naturally

Let's make it a habit to dry your hair after showering with maximal heat. Limit it as it can damage your hair scalp. Air drying or towel drying after shower is the best way to go. NEVER SLEEP IN WET HAIR ! or comb wet hair. Be gentle.

Eat healthy

You're not going for a beauty pageant to look slimmer and sexy. But you should take good look at your daily food intake. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT ! A balance amount of proteins and amino acids, helps the growth of hair and faster. Go for eggs, berries, fish, greens and leafy vegetables.


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